Please run the game in full-screen by clicking the 2-sided arrow button on bottom right.

This is a fast paced top-down, dungeon-crawler, bullet-hell. 

Controls: Use WASD to move, mouse to aim and LMB to shoot (If there are any control issues, try switching to full-screen).

In your adventure, you are accompanied by your friends.  You need food to survive, but there is not enough food for everyone. Sacrifices must be made.


-> You control the hero character and your party consists of a sidekick gunman, three civilians and a medic. Your party will follow you wherever you go.

-> It is game over if the hunger meter goes full or if the hero is dead.

-> You cannot pick health vials if the medic is dead.

-> The effect of health and food pickups gets divided by the characters. So “Sacrifices must be made”.

Special thanks to users Michele Bucelli and for the graphics.

P.S. This was my first ever LD Game Jam. The game didn't turn out as I had originally thought but I am glad I could finish it in time.

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